Find your breath

We offer yoga & meditation classes, massage therapy, reflexology, esthetics and a variety of other tools to help you find your breath... and more.  

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Springfield  Wellness online yoga site

Check out our online yoga website today, we offer beginner to advance classes. 

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Yoga Schedule

Sessions are now 6 weeks at a time.

Space is limited due to restrictions imposed by Covid so register while you can.


Due to code red yoga will not be offering in studio at this time.

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Esthetics services

Denise finally convinced her favorite Esthetician Claudine Rajotte to join us at springfield wellness.

Her page is being added to our site. This means it is still a work in progress but still check it out!

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We have 5 registered massage therapists.

we have offer a variety of massages weather that be from relaxation/ thai and deep tissue massage. we also offer cupping, craino-sacral therapy, lymphatic massage.

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Workshops & special events

Coming soon


Partner yoga

partner massage

Exploring your heart field and silent communication 

Stay tuned for New winter classes and workshops!