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How to book online

If you have done this before scroll down to the BOOK NOW button and get started.

Please note; 


A reminder will be sent your phone or email 24 hrs before your appointment, if you need to cancel PLEASE contact us directly, responding to the reminder does not work.  

Contact info and therapist availability is listed below.

Click the link below to book online

Therapist availability and contact info

Therapist contact info is included with this information, (in some cases.)

If you need to cancel, reschedule or are having trouble with the online booking system you may contact the therapist directly, (text is best.)

If you are not already seeing a particular therapist please call the studio line which is the same as that for Denise Loewen. 

Denise Loewen - RMT and Thai Massage Cell # (204) 228.2322

        (Tues-Friday daytime and alternating Saturdays)

Arielle Lambert - RMT   Cell # (204) 770.2408

        (Tuesday evening, Thursday/Friday AM's & Alternating Saturdays)

 Julie Spruyt - RMT  Cell # (204) 461-1804

         (Monday - Friday morning-afternoon-evening)

Brittany Kreitz - RMT 

        (Every 2nd Monday & Some Saturdays)

Lindsay Folmes - Reflexologist

          (Thursday 5-8:45 Pm)