Springfield  Wellness Yoga 

Explore the inner yogi in you today 

Chair Yoga

These classes began with seniors in mind bit are open to all - especially those who have difficulty putting weight on their hands/knees and who prefer a more gentle approach. 

In this class we do get off the chair from time to time but our feet are the only body part to ever contact the floor.


During a restorative yoga session we bring our bodies into familiar poses with the help of yoga props including blocks, bolsters, belts and the wall.  

The props support us in these positions so that our focus can be on allowing the body and mind to stay in the position for an extended period.  This allows the body/mind to fully experience and integrate its "new" position.

The result is a deeply nourishing, satisfying yoga session

Vinyasa/Active Flow

The emphasis of a vinyasa classes is on moving from pose to pose in sync with the breath.  These classes often include sun salutations and other movements, with the intention of toning and stretching the whole body.  

We hope to bring the act of sustained awareness developed during practice into daily life during a vinyasa practice - because life is rarely static.

This class is open to those who have yoga experience or are currently physically active, and/or do not mind a challenge.  

The 90 minute classes include a longer cool down with the use of props (if necessary,) to sustain the position for extended periods. 


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