Covid  19 Update

In light of COVID we have made a number of upgrades to studio policy, among other more subtle behind the scenes aspects what you will see as a client is;

Massage and Yoga Studio Standard Operating Procedure

Cleaning and Sanitization. Measures Have Increased for your safety:

  • Patients Must Wear a Mask At all times in the clinic
  • Therapists will wear the proper PPE( Masks, Gloves and Eye wear )
  • We will continue to change ALL Linen after each patient. ( All pillow covers, towels, sheets and anything else used during the treatment)
  •  Bolsters, tables, mats sprayed and wiped down fully after each treatment
  •  Chairs, table tops, pens clipboards etc. sanitized after each use
  •  Cupping/holsters/lotion bottles all sanitized after use use
  •  All surfaces wiped down after each client
  • Gloves and face masks provided for client safety ( If needed )
  •  Bathroom to be cleaned every hour( or after each use)
  •  All patients must use provided hand sanitizer upon entry to the clinic (If needed wash hands in bathroom/clinic room if you can not use hand sanitizer)
  •  Yoga blankets and straps are quarantined for 2 weeks after use
For sanitizing we are using reusable cloths and spray bottles with H2X and Bio-Clean on hard surfaces and Germasolve 5 on soft surfaces. The cloths can be changed after each client but are changed twice a day. 

Thank you for complying and understanding.

We look forward to seeing you all again


The girls at Springfield Wellness :)

How to book online

If you have done this before scroll down to the OM button and get started.

Please Note:  

A reminder will be sent your phone 24 hrs before your appointment, and email 48 hours before your Appt. if you need to cancel PLEASE contact us directly, responding to the reminder does not work.  

Springfield Wellness no longer offers the service of direct billing. We truly appreciate your continued patronage and are happy to hear reports as to the ease many of you have experienced with self-filing.

We accept cash, cheque, debit and etransfer - no credit cards at this time.

Please be aware of your bookings, we understand life happens and cancelations need to be made -but we have policy of 24 hours.