Denise Loewen

Years before she actually found them, Denise had a desire to study meditation and the healing arts. When she finally heard of yoga, the spiritual element coupled with its physical discipline & attention to detail seemed like the perfect addition to an already established fitness/stretching habit.

Denise began her yoga practice in 2001 at the Yoga Center Winnipeg where she received her teacher training and continues to study. Along the way, Denise completed the 3.5 month Spiritual Lifestyle Program at Kripalu Center for Health & Wellness and has taken classes and workshops from many awesome instructors, including Laurie Joe Lindroos, Father Joe Pereira and of course, the long time crew at YCW.

Styles studied include Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kripalu & Kundalini.

Denise added instructing Yoga to her practice with hopes of honoring those who shared with her by inspiring others to explore this beautiful science.

Professionally she is an electrician, a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a Registered Massage Therapist. 

Mackenzie Loewen

i am 300hr trained in the moksha sequence, which - if you’re not already familiar with it - is a series of 40ish postures, designed to be accessible for all levels. it focuses on the longterm health of the spine and the union of breath, body + mind.

the first half is a standing series, and the second half is a floor series, with some vinyasa flow elements as well. i would use this as a foundation, and change up postures and elements based on the students and class.

Diana Allen

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Leah Perron

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