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In studio practice is back!!

In an effort to stream line questions as to session start and end dates, as well as to accommodate the ever changing mandates, we have changed our class schedule format and options.  Hopefully this leads to greater predictability working out better for everyone in the long run.

Sessions will now run on a monthly basis and run for the duration of full weeks housed within a month.

For example, November is comprised of Three full November weeks, the remaining days of that month are part October and part December. Because of this, the November session will be three weeks in duration, October four and so on.  This makes for much shorter sessions with a week off between each session.

During the interim weeks which are comprised of dates consisting of both the months, weeks during which the regularly scheduled sessions are not taking place, we will offer donation based classes. 

Below is both the regular schedule followed by the donation based schedule.  Details regarding pass and registration options, (read this because options have changed,) and how we are accepting COVID passports etc. are included in the paragraphs below the schedule.

Monthly Sessions:  Next session begins the week of September 13th!!!  It is only two weeks long but we are doing it, register for October as  soon as you like.

please note, Denise joins the schedule in October so don't bother looking for yoga with her this month :)

Day & Time




9:00 - 10:00am

7:00 - 8:30pm

Active Flow

Just A Yoga Class




9:30 - 11:00am

Just A Yoga Class



1:00 - 2:00pm

7:00 - 8:15pm

Chair Yoga

Active/Moderate Flow




9:30 - 10:30am

Gentle Flow


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***Due to COVID we prefer you bring your own yoga mat & any props you can bring.  A pillow case to put over a bolster would be helpful as well.  We do have onsite props we spray rotate weekly should you need ours

Donation based class schedule:

Friday October 1st, 7-8pm

Thursday Nov 4th, 7-8:30pm

Thursday Dec 2nd, 7-8:30pm

Details as to class subject/style coming soon as are more dates, at the moment these sessions are lead by Denise.

These are donation based class so please, bring cash only & if you enroll but do not intend to attend, have yourself un-enrolled so others can take your spot. 

 Enrol Here Today

 General details including covid updates

We are once again selling class passes - this time virtually.  This means you are not confined to attending a particular day/time of the week and can once again float through various class options to suit your schedule and energetic needs.  

Please register in advance for every class you plan to attend as we are limiting class sizes despite the lifting of restrictions.  


  • ****This means signing up for the first class in a session no longer enrolls you in the entire session.  
  • The yoga schedule is listed above and is available through the booking software so simply log in and sign up
  • *** We understand online registration will not suit everyone so feel free to contact Springfield Wellness, (ok Denise,) to be enrolled.
  • Unfortunately the actual class pass cannot be purchased through the website at the moment so you will need to contact Springfield Wellness to do so.  
  • Passes can be purchased via email, phone or text, from there the pass will be added to your profile.  
  • Each class you attend will tick a class off your attended total, you will receive an attendance receipt just as you would a payment receipt.
  • Payments can be made using credit card, etransfer or in person. 
  • ****Passes are valid for the month session only, they do not carry into subsequent months, ie. use it or lose it.

.PRICING - These prices do not include GST 

Pricing is per class so to determine the price for your pass, please multiple the number of classes you plan to attend in a session by the price per class
  • 3-4 classes = $15/class
  • 5-6 classes = $14/class
  • 7-8 classes = $13/class
  • 9-10 classes = $12/class
  • Drop In= $20.00 (drop-in attendance still requires advance notice to Springfield Wellness via registering online or contacting us.)
***All policies have been lifted but there is uncertainty around how long that will last and if such an approach is rational so;

  • Maximum capacity for the yoga studio space is 18 participants, We will cap it at 10 for now and may go down yer
  • Instructors will continue to wear masks.
  • We ask participants to wear masks onto your mats, I know, I know, you are fully vaxed, but remember, we can all still spread COVID, the children are not vaccinated, elderly do not always mount a strong immune response and protection may wain as the months go on so work with us here.  You may dip the mask below your nose from time to time if you do not feel you are receiving enough air.  If the situation remains calm into the winter we can move forward.
  • Of course please bring your own mat when you have & a pillowcase for over the bolsters.  We will be spraying your hands etc.
  • Thank you for understanding.  We will update as necessary.
COVID vaccination cards:

We are a small community and there are no walk-ins.  As such, we are requesting photos of your pass be texted or emailed to Springfield Wellness.  

These images are received by Denise Loewen, owner, Massage Therapist, etc.  The image will be safely stored with your client file as we do all personal information for massages etc.  This way the card only needs to be given once, we will not need to clog the halls before class and Rosalie does not have to arrive earlier every day - unless anyone for sees a way to un-vaccinate themselves this seems reasonable.  

Of course you may bring your pass to the first class, from there a picture can be taken, over all it still ends up a one shot deal.

Class location will be open 15 minutes before and after each class.

All classes held at Springfield Wellness, 26 153 Dugald MB. Beside the Antique shop

Questions regarding passport requirements and storage

There is still some question as to the legalities of non-healthcare professionals requesting and storing information regaurding health status. To be clear, we are not certain what is enforceable, if we can be sued for turning anyone away and/or, for asking or storing this information – These questions may sound silly given it is a provincial mandate but from a business perspective, it is unclear.

Furthermore, due to the nature of other modalities offered at Springfield Wellness, we have a good understanding of who is vaccinated – pretty much everyone – and who is not. Those in the unvaccinated category have pretty good reasons, an no, they should not have to run these personal health questions past strangers.  That said, many will likely vaccinate in the coming months.

Denise does not want to leave anyone out, those choosing to wait, especially those with wonky immune systems may need Yoga & Meditation the most.  As such, Denise will bite the bullet and ask her lawyer if there are any true options. What we would like to do is offer a rapid testing option for those yet to be vaccinated, this way everyone can partake and feel safe….

Answers could take some time.

Let us remember;

• The vaccinated are safe, and the unvaccinated I speak of are being punished enough via their conditions so let us be patient and compassionate.

• The vaccinated can still spread covid so the children and immunocompromised are vulnerable regardless of anyone’s vaccination status, as such, we will be asking you to wear your mask to class.

• If weekly rapid testing is an option, from a covid spread standpoint, the unvaccinated actually become the safest to participate with – irony noted.

Finally, you are vaccinated, you are safe, please, chill out, everyone will find their way.  

I, Denise, opened Springfield Wellness in an attempt to hold space -  neutral space for all, Peaceful space for all. 

 Trust your vaccine and send love every time you feel the opposite (which i shall not name.)  

Notice, how if truly attempted, this exercise makes you feel, makes others feel, and so on - Its an old Buddhist exercise - or Zen, who remembers these things.


Thank you for understanding.

We look forward to seeing you in class :)