Tai Chi has been absorbed by the Canadian Tai Chi Academy and is no longer hosted by Springfield Wellness.

Tai Chi has been a fantastic addition to Springfield Wellness this winter, the community has really taken to this graceful art!

We now have an intermediate group and are always collecting beginners.

In order to learn - even master ;) Tai Chi, a commitment is required.  For the first session we will meet once or preferable twice/week for one hr at a time over a ten week period.

Beginner class options are as follows;

Wednesday & Friday 9:30-10:30am


                Tuesday 7pm 


Once/week $105 Pre enrolment is a must

Twice/week $210 Pre enrolment is a must

There will be no beginner classes over the summer but we are offering a Wednesday morning morning practice session July through August, Wednesdays 10am.  This session will be at a reduced price because intermediate level practitioners will be leading them not Cliff.

Pre-registration for this is a must, please contact 

Springfield Wellness for details.

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