Tai Chi

Tai chi may be new to Springfield Wellness but its an old favorite.  Join us this winter as we begin to build a community around this graceful art.

In order to learn - even master ;) Tai Chi, a commitment is required.  For the first session we will meet twice/week for one hr at a time over a ten week period or once/week with an afternoon workshop at before the first class to experience an emersion in the practice.

Class options are as follows;

Wednesday & Friday 10-11am


                Tuesday 7pm 


 twice/week $210 Pre enrolment is a must

once/week   $105 plus the workshop, please contact springfield wellness for details

*****If twice per week cannot be fit into your schedule, please contact Springfield Wellness if we gather enough interest we are prepared to offer a once/week option.

For more information and videos check out;


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Cliff Yerex has studied, practised and instructed beginner and advanced tai chi for almost 25 years. I have never taken nor taught combat tai chi. I only instruct for health. I am particularly fond of students with mobility issues as there are great benefits. I also teach and had to avail myself of the sitting tai chi set, with great results! Practising tai chi allows the mind to rest, almost like pressing a 'reset' button. Whatever the issue, tai chi tends to encourage a 'return to balance'. Practised on a regular basis, there is great potential for tai chi to restore and improve overall health to the human body, mind and spirit. I am committed to sharing this knowledge. Other studies include Reiki, Massage Therapy, Reflexology and some energetic healing arts.