Teeth Whitening

By Brittany Kroker

Before Appointment ​

-This treatment WILL NOT whiten “fake or crown teeth”

- Have a good meal, or snack.

- Floss & Brush teeth right before the appointment

- Bring filled out & signed forms to the appointment

- For sensitive teeth, brush teeth with Synsodyne tooth paste for 2 weeks before the appointment

- This 1 time treatment/appointment consists of me applying a Hydrogen Peroxide Gel, (same gel that the dentists use) the client will sit under a LED light for 20 minutes at a time (3x 20 minutes in total). Total appointment time is roughly 2 hours.

- Dentists use a 35% gel, I use a 16% gel.

- Its’s all Health Canada approved products.

- Because of everyone’s porosity of the teeth and their “bad habits” (red wine, smoking, coffee, tea etc)

- Results will depend on the porosity of the teeth and how much the “bad habits” are consumed. If extra precaution is taken for 48 hours after treatment, results can last anywhere from 6m-2 years long. BUT the treatment can be done every 6m-1 year. 

After Appointment

ONLY water for 1 HOUR after treatment

- White diet ONLY for 48 hours after the treatment

- More instructions to follow from me during the appointment

- If sensitivity occurs, brush teeth with Synsodyne tooth paste